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Philly Dog Bite Lawyer: Dog Bites Leave Long Lasting Physical & Emotional Harm

November 02, 2015
Though most dogs are not violent or threatening to people, those that do bite can inflict serious physical and emotional harm. Rand Spear, Philadelphia’s accident attorney, represents dog bite victims and discusses dog bite injuries and applicable laws in a recent Google+ hangout.   If you don’t own a dog chances are your neighbor, a friend or family member does. The American Veterin...

Philadelphia Accident Lawyer Discusses Who Has the Right of Way at Intersections

November 02, 2015
Vehicle intersections can be dangerous for motorists, passengers and pedestrians. Rand Spear, Philadelphia’s accident attorney, discusses rights of way for drivers and pedestrians in a recent Google+ hangout. He says there are some rules of the road but each instance needs to be looked at individually. Intersections are a common location for motor vehicle accidents resulting in injuries ...

Philadelphia slip and fall lawyer Rand Spear Discussing Your Rights

October 29, 2015
Philadelphia slip and fall lawyer Rand Spear Discussing Your Rights with a Slip and Fall Lawyer Slip and fall victims must take it seriously because serious injuries could result and legal rights need to be protected, according to attorney Rand Spear. Most common types of slip and fall cases have following questions: How Much Money is My Philadelphia PA Slip and Fall Case Wort...

New Information for Pedestrians and Cyclists Revealed

October 07, 2015
Philadelphia Lawyer Rand Spear Chimes Says - Pedestrians and cyclists injured in accidents can get compensation through insurance policies or state assigned claims plans.    Every year thousands of pedestrians and cyclists are killed and injured in accidents across the country. If they’ve been victimized through no fault of their own they may have legal rights to be compensated and h...

Philadelphia Accident Attorney Rand Spear - Does Mass Transit Hurt Passengers?

September 28, 2015
People are injured every day on mass transit, not just due to major train or bus accidents that make the news, says Philadelphia mass transit accident attorney Rand Spear.   People using mass transit can sustain injuries through no fault of their own, according to Rand Spear, Philadelphia’s accident attorney. During a recent Google+ hangout, Spear warns that inattentive operators can...

Philadelphia Mass Transit Accident Lawyer Explains MTA Accidents

September 09, 2015
Headline:  Philadelphia Mass Transit Accident Lawyer Explains - How Can I Get Injured When Using Mass Transit?   For many people using mass transit (trains, subways and buses) may be a necessity because they don’t have a car. For others it simply may be more convenient or less expensive than driving. No matter which category you may fall into, though mass transit is generally safe ac...

How You Chose Insurance Coverage Impacts Your Legal Rights

August 25, 2015
  You may not pay much attention to your auto insurance coverage and just focus on the price when you buy or renew your policy, but what coverage you buy could make a big difference if you get into an accident. Philadelphia’s accident attorney, Rand Spear, warns motorists that selecting less expensive coverage can limit your legal rights to recovery if you sue after being injured in an a...

Rand Spear Accident Lawyer Experience - What Makes Rand Spear Different

August 07, 2015
If you live in the Philadelphia area and you or a loved have suffered an injury due to the negligence of another, who can you trust to protect your legal rights? Over the last ten years personal injury attorney Rand Spear has filed more personal injury lawsuits in Philadelphia than any other attorney, he states in a Google+ Hangout available on YouTube.   Spear says he started a gene...

Philadelphia Auto Accidents Lawyer Says Injury Victims Need the Right Attorney

July 18, 2015
Questions to Ask Injury Lawyer   Injury victims need the right attorney to help them get fair compensation for their injuries. Rand Spear a Philadelphia auto accidents lawyer suggests what you should ask to find that attorney. Injuries from an accident, and the personal and financial damage they can cause, can be a life-changing event for you and your family. If you’ve been seriously i...

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer Rand Spear Explains Insurance Companies

July 09, 2015
Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer Rand Spear Says - Insurance Companies Protect Their Own Interests, Not Yours, After an Accident   What’s the best way to handle an insurance company after you’ve been injured in an accident? With the help of an attorney, says Philadelphia’s accident lawyer, Rand Spear in a new Google hangout available on YouTube. If an accident victim makes a statemen...