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Gym Injury What You Can Learn From Your Lawyer

August 07, 2017
Attorney Rand Spear, a Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Gym Injuries  -  If you’re like most people, you’re always looking for ways to shed a few pounds and fit into those skinny jeans you keep in the back of your closet. Everyone wants to look their best and feel great about their body. Like anything else, however, moderation is generally the best bet when it comes to f...

Why Commercial Trucks Crash by Philadelphia Truck Accident Lawyer Rand Spear

August 02, 2017
Commercial vehicle accidents result in a tremendous cost to victims, society as a whole as well as to trucking and insurance companies. Because of the substantial costs, studies of these accidents and their causes are being done to discover ways to prevent them in the future and avoid deaths, injuries and financial losses. Philadelphia truck accident lawyer Rand Spear says most commercial tr...

Auto Accident Lawyer Rand Spear Discusses Summer Drunk Drivers Causing Injuries

August 01, 2017
Summer is a time most people associate with vacations, road trips, and time spent with loved ones (or in a hammock reading a book). It’s a chance to relax in warm weather or splash around in the pool or under the sprinkler with the kids. Unfortunately, summer is also the worst time of year for drunk driving hazards. Simply put, there are more drunk drivers on the roads. AAA and MADD ...

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer Discusses Takata Airbag Death

July 31, 2017
For what appears to be the first time, a person has been killed by a Takata airbag in a car that wasn’t moving at the time of the accident. The New York Times reports that a man in Florida was repairing a parked 2001 Honda Accord in Miami, Florida when he used a hammer, which apparently caused the airbag to deploy. The ruptured airbag blew up and caused the man to suffer serious injuries. He...

Philadelphia Dog Bite Lawyer Discusses Dog Bites On The Rise

July 26, 2017
If you have a dog, you’re in good company. The ASPCA says there are about 78 million four-legged companions in the United States, and approximately 44 percent of American households have a furry family member. And while most dogs are well-behaved and safe, they are still animals with an animal’s instincts to protect, defend, and lash out when they perceive they’re being threatened. Unfor...

How Safe Are Amusement Park Rides? Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses

July 25, 2017
When the weather heats up, millions of Americans around the country head to amusement parks, water parks, and fairs. Many people enjoy roller coasters and similar rides because they get adrenaline pumping within the confines of safety. But just how safe are they? Is the illusion of safety just that — an illusion? Philadelphia personal injury lawyer Rand Spear says these rides aren’t as safe ...

Pedestrian Fatalities Increase Says Philadelphia Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

July 18, 2017
You see it every day on Philadelphia sidewalks and streets. Drivers distracted by their smart phones and pedestrians not paying attention to where they’re walking because they’re too focused on their smart phones. It’s becoming the worst of both worlds warns Philadelphia pedestrian accident lawyer Rand Spear. Walking is becoming more popular, especially now that the weather is improving ...

Retail Stores Need To Keep Floors Safe Says Philadelphia Slip And Fall Lawyer

July 17, 2017
If you’re a customer of a retail store or work for a contractor performing work at one store management has an obligation to keep you safe. Stores often have a lot of floor space and slips and fall accidents are not uncommon. Sometimes, Philadelphia slip and fall accident lawyer Rand Spear says, injuries caused by such a fall are serious. An Allegheny County jury took a plaintiff injured...

Drivers Forced To Break Rules Says Philadelphia Truck Accident Lawyer Rand Spear

July 13, 2017
An exhausted truck driver is a dangerous truck driver. Anyone driving without enough rest will be easily distracted, likely to become angry and may fall asleep behind the wheel. An investigation by USA Today found that many truck drivers are on the road much longer than allowed by federal regulations in order to make payments on “lease to own” contracts with trucking companies. These arrange...

Minor Falls Can Cause Major Problems Says Philadelphia Slip And Fall Lawyer

July 12, 2017
It started simply enough. Guy Leach was leaving his apartment, walking down a flight of stairs when one of them collapsed causing him to tumble down the remaining steps. Leach, a member of the Air Force, thought he sprained his ankle. Instead his injuries resulted in permanently disabling him and ending his military career, reports The Oklahoman. Philadelphia slip and fall lawyer Rand Spear ...